Luxury Liners Slot: A First Class Jackpot

Prepare for another financially triumphant virtual journey in the open sea in this fine-looking cruise-themed slot game that will set you up on a venture with a big comfortable ship, the reels of which will provide plenty of good chances and entertainment. Luxury Liners Slot possesses 3 reels and 1 payline. There are 15 coin sizes in the game-1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 3 dollars, 4 dollars, 5 dollars, 6 dollars, 7 dollars, 8 dollars, 9 dollars and 10 dollars. The maximum number of coins that can be used in each spin is 3. Obviously, you are encouraged to always go with the maximum coin bet, which will give you access to more winning combinations. This set up allows for a maximum total bet of 30 dollars.

Luxurious Crusie Symbols

The table on the main screen will show the gambler the 10 possible winning combinations in this slot. The following descriptions of payouts counts for the case of three played coins. At the bottom of the financial hierarchy lies the cherry symbol. A payout will be delivered for one, two and three cherries appearing on the reel that will amount respectively to 6, 15 and 30 coins. Then it is the BAR symbols’ turn. Any three types of BAR-s pay 15. Three of the single bars will grant 30, a triple winning combination of the double BAR-s will pay 60 and three of the triple BAR-s will deliver an award of 90. The top two spots for high paying symbols in the game are taken by the cruise ship (at number one) and the blue 7 (the runner up). If the player fills a reel with cruise ships and 7-s, an award of 120 will be paid. Then the Blue 7s are up. A triple combination of them will pay 240. However, the cruise ship is the undeniable champion in terms of filling your wallet, offering the top 3 awards in the entire game. For a bet of a single coin, a triple cruise ship pays 500, for a two coins the reward is 1000 and for three coins-it is 2500, which also takes on the role of Luxury Liners Slot’s jackpot. It’s a nice setup of symbols but a slightly aggravating detail is the fact that there are symbols in the game, which are basically worthless, delivering no payment of any kind and they are typical casino symbols.

First Class Extra Features

There are two entertaining little features in Luxury Liners are the autoplay option and the stop spin option. The former one involves the player selecting number of spins-from 5 to 500 and then choose the time for which the reels will spin. The automatic spins can be stopped at anytime you want, which is in fact the second little comfort the game provides and is a perfect way for you to speed things up if you are getting bored from pressing the spin button over and over.

Luxury Liners Slots is a nice game with a classic set up and although there are filler symbols, which just take otherwise valuable space on the reels and the payouts of the symbols are not too satisfactory, with the exception of the top one, the slot will provide plenty of opportunities for success as well as solid gambling thrills.