Mermaid's Quest Slots: The Sea Kingdom of Triumph

Mermaid’s Quest slots is a five reel, nine paylines game, which is proud of a gorgeous design, a perfect inspiring atmosphere and a welcome combination of opportunities for the player to earn money quickly and in large proportions. The adventurous outlook of the sea realm will inspire you to play in a fearless way, while the simple, yet inviting gameplay will assist you as you dive into the depths of risk and emerge successful.

Symbols of the Sea

Mermaid’s Quest possesses plenty of beautifully drawn symbols like the mermaid, the seahorse, the pearl shell, the starfish, the turtle, the dolphin, the chest of treasures, the crab, the lobster, the tropical fish and of course the king of all the sea realms-Neptune. The wild symbol is the treasure chest, while Neptune is the scatter symbol. In addition to assisting you with any winning combinations, the presence of five of the treasure chests will ensure you 10 000 coins. The crowned Neptune will prove to be an extremely good king provided more than two of his symbols. 2 of them stands for multiplying your bet by 1, 3 stands for 10, 4 stands for 100 and 5 stands for 1000. Simply put, if you choose to bet 10 dollars you can eventually come up with a prize of 10 000 dollars in a single spin. The king’s generosity extends even beyond that-if you get at least three of the scatter symbols you will be able to active the whole of 10 free spins. Everything you win throughout those spins will be doubled.

Rewards of the Depths

With Mermaid’s Quest you will find out that the wonders and legends are not yet lost from the sea world as you uncover awards as big as 10 000 coins, an amount that can additionally be boasted to 20 000. Your available coins are from 1 cent to 10 dollars. The minimum bet is set at 9 cents and the maximum at 90. Once you unlock the bonus level by receiving three of the beautiful mermaid symbols you will embark on quite the pleasant journey. You will be given a choice between several treasure chests. You will get three tries and you have to use them wisely in order to come out on the surface with the highest reward possible.

Fulfill the Mermaid’s Quest

The Mermaid’s Quest will be well worth your time and if you take the time to venture in its beautiful, full of wonders and awards world, you will leave it with a big smile on your face.