Play Monster Money Slots And Win Grueling Amounts Of Cash

Slot game enthusiasts who are in for a truly nerve wrecking and bone chilling gambling experience that makes their heart pump faster, should definitely give Monster Money Slots a try. This thrilling 5 reel slot game with 25 pay lines revolves around the activities of a mad and very scary scientist. It has superb graphics and smoothly operating game software. However, that is hardly a surprise when developer WGS Technology is behind the creation of a game. This fascinating slot title is still fairly new, but already it has won the hearts and minds of many slot game enthusiasts.

Enter The Crazy Professor's Castle

Monster Money Slots bears the quality seal of WGS Technology. It offers an eerie gaming experience that is successfully enhanced by creepy graphics and scary sound effects, but also by spooky and evocative symbols like the professor's castle, a foot, a hand, a head, a brain, an electrical rod and the crazy professor himself. All these features together form a perfect combination of fun and fear. It is a combination that is both scary and entertaining. Slot game enthusiasts love it, but they do hope to receive some warmth and light from golden mountains of cash, when they happen to stroll through the dark and creepy castle in search of winnings.

Start Placing Bets

This game is fully packet with monstrously fun and lucrative elements. These elements become alive when players start betting. Bet amounts range from $0.01 to $250 for each spin. This means that there is a minimum wager amount of $0.01 and a maximum wager limit of $10.00. Players are always allowed to wager a total of 25 coins. The jackpot for this slot title is $5000. Place a bet of $10 and it has the possibility to become a staggering cash prize of $50.000. That definitely is a very generous jackpot.

Do Not Fear The Wild Symbol

The professor in this game is not only very crazy. He also happens to be very wild. Players make winning combinations when they use the professor symbol as a stand in for other attributes on the reels. The scatter icon (electrical rod) is an exception to this rule. The professor is also connected to another great perk, because he functions as a bet multiplier in the bonus game. In this game, gamblers need to open doors and hope that the professor is behind one of them. When he does, he will present the player with a lucrative 3 times multiplier on earned winnings during the game. Gamblers need to collect three electrical Rod scatter attributes to launch the Monster Money Slots bonus round.

In this slot title, there are no free spins rounds. However, gamblers should be able to collect all their satisfying winnings via the bonus feature and the three times multiplier that is generously connected to it.

Pick The Right Doors In The Bonus Round

Collect three scatter symbols and trigger the bonus round. Fears need to be conquered, because this bonus feature takes place in a very spooky haunted house with various doors. What kind of monsters hide behind them? Are there also any cash prizes that show up when players open these doors? There is only one way to find out and that is by picking the right ones. Gamblers are allowed to pick five doors from a total of eight. They should not fear the monsters that might show up when they open a door, because these spooky creatures reward them with prizes. However, it is also nice to see the crazy professor wild icon behind the doors, because he brings along some lucrative Monster Money Slots multipliers.