Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

Wheel of Chance pays homage to those TV-show games, to which we have all become so very used, in which the host and his very beautiful assistants are presenting cards to the audience and behind every card there is an award and then they commence to spin the big wheel, where the biggest awards are granted. Naturally, this game isn’t nearly as complicated and there’s very little room for intricacies here, especially with three reels and one payline. Wheel of Chance Three Reel Slots however does offer a wild, a bonus icon and even a bonus game, which is not too common for a slot with such a modest set up. The main screen involves a beautiful blue background where you can see the wheel itself and the reels are on the foreground. Coin denominators include 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 dollars. The maximum number of coins with which the gambler can play is three. This makes the maximum bet 30 dollars.

What Treasures Does the Wheel Keep?

The wild symbol is a beautiful, crystal clear Diamond. A single diamond on the reels will increase the final payout of that spin two times. Two Diamonds will provide a multiplier of four on the total earnings. The wild is also the highest paying symbol of the game, delivering the top prize and weirdly enough-it is the only possible prize for three bet coins meaning that all the rest of the symbols pay the same for three coins. The bonus symbol also activates its special ability only when three coins are bet, which is to start the bonus level of the game. The rest of the symbols in the game involve cherries, bars and Sevens. None of these symbols have new winning combinations for the third bet coin, their combos stop at the second but obviously players are encouraged to bet all three because otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance for benefitting from the wild and the bonus symbols’ remarkable abilities. At the bottom lies the cherry. Any cherry will pay 2 coins at first bet coin and 4 at second bet coin. Any two cherries will pay 5 and 10 coins. The very same amount will be paid by any three bar symbols. Then three cherries will deliver 10 coins at the first bet coin and 20 coins at the second and three single pink bars provide exactly the same payout. A triple combination of the double yellow bars pays 25 coins and 50 coins for one bet coin and two bet coins respectively. The Triple Blue Bars triple combination grant 40 coins at a single bet coin and 80 coins at two. Three of the red Sevens will pay the gambler 80 and 160 coins for one and two coin bets. The king of the payouts in this game is naturally the wild Diamond-the only symbol that increases its earnings all the way to three bet coins. The first bet coin pays 800, the second one pays 1600 and the third one-2400, which is practically the game’s jackpot. The Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots definitely lives up to its title and does deliver plenty of chances to its players and the important thing is that it doesn’t matter if they are small or big-they are frequently there.