Big Foot Slots

The Big Foot Slots has a really pleasant hitchhiking forest atmosphere with the exception of the dark mountains and the creepy sunset lurking above them (probably the home of the Big Foot). The name of the game, however, might be a bit misleading because the Big Foot is not all that scary-it’s more like a big fuzzy friendly-looking bear cub that moves on two legs with a crazy emo haircut. It almost looks like a pal you would love to spend a picnic in that beautiful forested area in the background. Otherwise, the game has 25 paylines, 5 reels and more than enough profitable surprises to gain players’ admiration.

Big Foot Gambling

The RTP of the game is 95 percent so you can enter the forest of the Big Foot with confidence about your budget. If you play with a maximum bet, in the best case scenario you will be able to land an earning of a quarter million pounds. The game also has the special gamble feature. Once you initiate it, you will be able to choose between a color or a suit. If you choose the right color you will be able to multiply your win by two, if you guess the right suit you will multiply your earning by four. You can actually use the gamble option five times but you can’t use it on jackpots; considering the size of the jackpot however that is easily forgivable.

Symbols of the Big Foot

The scatter symbol of the game is the Footprint, which the only symbol that is paying in any direction, unlike the rest of the symbols which are paying from left to right. The wild symbol is the main fuzzy lovable character himself and you expect it to reveal himself on the second, third and fourth reel. Naturally, since he is so precious and definitely a rare, endangered species, he is incredibly special and rightfully has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game, except for the Footprint.

Games of the Big Foot

The free spins bonus which Big Foot Slots offers you can be triggered by gathering three of the Footprints. 10 games will be given to players and everything they win throughout those games will be multiplied by two. Naturally, as a dear friend, the Big Foot will be happy to give you 10 more free games if only you manage to collect another three of his Footprints. There is also another bonus game in Big Foot Slots and that is the Big Foot Feature. In order to active it, players have to get three wild symbols on the three possible reels at the same time. Eyes will appear in the forest and you have to touch a pair of them. You will have three picks to choose the eyes of the Big Foot. Regardless of what pair of eyes you select, there will be an award but if you do find the Big Foot, the award will be much larger than the rest. You can only get this special feature during free games, so you have to land the three Footprints first.

Big Foot Means a Big Friend

The Big Foot might become one of the best online gambling friends you have ever had and he sure has plenty of gifts to give you as a proof for his everlasting friendship.