Island Gold: Get the Jackpot Treasure

Delivering the deeply craved beach atmosphere along with the adventurous feel of the pirate lifestyle, Island Gold will do a great job at providing its players with treasure chests full of awards with its five reels and five paylines. It is a fairly simple slot game that provides neither bonuses nor special symbols. It is a quick, simple way of making money with no distractions whatsoever, which even the inexperienced can enjoy. The game does offer a mind-boggling jackpot of 10 000 coins which means that every long-term devoted online gambler would give the game a try as well.

Island Symbols and Rules

The symbols of Island Gold are a Parrot, a Shell, a Drinks symbol and the jackpot symbol which understandably is the Island Gold symbol. There are no scatter symbols in the game, there aren't any bonus symbols as well and the wild symbols are also missing so you can imagine just how simple and straightforward the game is. The symbols in the game also do not bring multipliers; there is no multiplier function in Island Gold. The maximum possible amount of the jackpot is 100 000 dollars. It is calculated when you multiply 10 000 by the maximum bet and the maximum coin value is 10 per payline. In order to get the chance to win the maximum jackpot you have to get five of the Island Gold symbols on an active payline. From then on you will get to win the jackpot but what will be its amount depends entirely on your luck.

Advices for the Island

There are several small tips that players do need to know about this otherwise very unsophisticated slot. First of all, Island Gold can also be played in the form of a penny slot, meaning that you can wager very small sums if you are afraid to bet big. This means that for instance a bet of 1 cent would bring you a jackpot of 100 dollars. You might have already guessed it but free spins are not available in the game. Furthermore, attempt to always play max paylines because naturally this is the way to get every winning combination possible.

Dig Out the Island's Gold

Yes, it is a simple game that offers very little surprises but the jackpot it offers is more than satisfactory and if you don't want to risk too much you can always play in a more comfortable way. This is a perfect slot game for everyone-newcomers and veterans alike.