Million Dollar Rally: A Race for a Lot of Money

Online slot game developers have not missed on using the car racing theme and they give a shout to all NASCAR fans with Million Dollar Rally. The game is in possession of gorgeous to behold colors, superb sound effects like the engine’s roar and the crowd’s cheering, which perfectly remind players of a live race. It has five reels and five paylines, a simplistic but highly entertaining gameplay and more than enough surprises for you to have a lot of fun with the game.

Rules of the Race

There are 29 possible winning combinations with Million Dollar Rally and five of those have the ability to deliver you the grand jackpot, which amount to 10, 000 coins. The game is available to be played for free if you are a newbie and new need some time with the game before you start betting actual money. Coin values in Million Dollar Rally vary from 1 cent to 10 dollars. If you are feeling unlucky when you spin the reels yourself, you might as well use the autoplay option and then the Stop Spin function to stop the reels at a time of your choosing. Some players prefer it if they are insecure and are lazy enough. There is also a great variety present with the bet borders for the entire game. The minimal bet can be 5 cents and the largest can be 50 dollars. The Apart from the obvious financial profit, winning anything in this game is also awesome because of the sound of speeding race cars you will hear every time you get your hands on an award.

Race Symbols

There are many symbols in this game. To start off, there are cars with different colors. Then, there are different dollar bills. There are also different types of racing car wheels and there are several flags. Since the game is simplified, wild symbols and scatter symbols do not exist in Million Dollar Rally. It is also useless to bother searching for multiplier symbols because they are omitted from the game. The only requirement for earning money, which also happens to be the only way is to complete one of the 29 combinations. For instance, If you land five green cars on the reels you will get 1000 coins. If you gather five of the golden cups you will receive 10 000 coins. The most mind-blowingly good combination of the game is if you make the highest wager for a line which is 10 dollars and win this jackpot, you make take home 100, 000 dollars.

Emerge as the Winner of the Race

So yes, the game is quite reminiscent to an actual NASCAR race-simple and repetitive but in the end it can be formidably profitable and the winner of the race goes home with a humongous award.