Alien Invasion Slots: The Profitable Battle of Mankind

Prepare for an alarmingly profitable war of the worlds, which may lay waste on the armies of two civilizations but it will make you quite rich not only on Earth but supposedly on other planets too. The game looks terrific, with a polished sci-fi, dark look, with the two opponents drawn on the main screen, ready to enter battle on a ground that resembles the Moon, while Saturn, another planet and a couple of distant galaxies are visible in the background. For a game with such an ambitious theme, you might be surprised at the minimalist sound but yet again, in space, no one can hear you scream triumphantly at the earnings you are making. Alien Invasion Slots has 3 reels and a single payline, with plenty of well-paying symbols and a reasonable jackpot for the modest set up the game has.

Rules of Engagement in the Cosmic War

Naturally the invaders adopt the role of some of the symbols. There is also a creepy alien Spacecraft symbol involved. Furthermore, you will recognize symbols connected with the background of the conflict and so players will come across a Galaxy symbol, a normal Space Ship symbol, a Blaster symbol and a Ringed Planet symbol. The Blaster should be players’ personal favourite when it comes down to this game, not simply because it is an effective weapon against aliens but also because it is the wild symbol and it provides a multiplier of 2 when it completes winning combinations. Additionally, three of these awesome weapons will grant you the game’s jackpot, which is 2000 coins and with a maximum coin size of 10 dollars, you could eventually collect 20,000 dollars. The minimum coin size is 10 cents and the biggest number of coins with which the player can enter each spin is 3, which makes the top bet 30 dollars. So, admittedly this is a game better suited for players, which are not big fans of risks-the earnings here can be big, but the losses rarely are.

Enter the War and Exit it a Rich Man

Alien Invasion slots is a game that looks good and somewhat original even, with its weird spaceships, its fashionably looking blasters and will surely appeal to science-fiction and gambling fans but the limited number of reels and paylines doesn’t really allow for gigantic wins-after all there’s only so much one can win after an intergalactic large-scale war.