Red, White and Win

The red white and blue doesn’t just symbolize the American flag, but the pride and the rewarding gaming experience through Red White And Win Slots, brought to you by Wager Gaming Software.

About Red White And Win Slots

Developed by Wager Gaming Software, Red White And Win is a classic three reel slot game with a single pay line full of patriot glory. The theme of the game as the name suggests, is about the splendor of the American flag, which is adorned over the game screen along with the bald eagle. There is also a vintage pull crank on the side of the game screen for traditional slot players. There is no wild symbol nor a scatter symbol. There are also no winning multipliers nor any bonus rounds. But there are plenty of high paying symbols that all reflect the United States Of America. The highest paying symbol consists of the American flag. There is a constant progressive jackpot meter that constantly updates. Depending on the number of coins you wagered, will determine the value of the pot you will win. Wagering one coin and getting three of the flags, will result in 5% of the pot. Two coin wager with three flags will net you 10% of the pot, and the whole kit and caboodle becomes yours if you wagered the maximum and you managed to get three of the American flags on the pay line. The second highest paying symbol consists of the statute of the liberty. Again the coin value is determined by the amount of coins you placed your bets with. The coin values range from 500, 1,000 to 1,500 coins by wagering one coin, two coins and three coins respectfully. The bald eagle represents the third highest paying icon. The values go from 250 coins, 500 coins and 750 coins. The other symbols in this game, are the dollar bill, red white and blue sevens, triple bars, double bars, and single bars. There is no auto play mode, so all bets will have to be placed manually. For traditional slot players, you can spin the reels by pulling down the crank. You can either bet a single credit by pressing the single credit button, or two credits by betting with the two credit button, or you can go for glory by betting the maximum with the max bet button. There is an options button where you can easily adjust game settings. And before wagering real money, you have the option of playing practice rounds. Wager Gaming Software proudly presents Red White And Win Slots, a virtual rewarding game of Americana, that is available at several online casinos.