Swept Away Slots: The Almost Perfect Deserted Island

Swept Away slots is game with a seemingly pleasant beach theme that features a very simple tropical sand background with the game's logo on it and the sparkly bright blue water behind the reels. In fact, the game is meant to represent a castaway's journey in a deserted island. The appearance of the game is of little importance because this otherwise simple slot will surprise you pleasantly through its gameplay. The slot features 3 reel, 1 payline, a wild symbol and a jackpot. The maximum coin bet is set at 3 and there are 6 coin values-10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 5 dollars and 10 dollars. There are plenty of profitable symbols, which don't leave big gaps between the values of the different payouts and overall, this is one of those 3 reels, 1 payline slots, which will stand out among the numerous others for being enjoyable all the way through, with the exception of one or two tiny details.

Symbols of the Swept Away Shore

The unoriginal symbols of the slot include the three bar symbols-the single bar, the double bar and the triple bar but in the case of Swept Away slots there is one slight adjustment-the word BAR is substituted with SOS. Other symbols, created exclusively for the game's theme involve a Bonfire and a Life Raft, the latter of which sadly, is one of those annoying little snags, since it is a useless filler symbol, which has no effect and brings no payment. The Swept Away Logo symbol, which is basically a smaller version of the big logo you see on the main screen in the sand is also the wild and is the top symbol, which provides the player with the jackpot under the right conditions. Starting from the ground up, the weakest winning combination in the game is a mixed combination of the three SOS bars and it pays twice the coin bet. The same reward is delivered for any one symbol plus the wild Swept Away logo. Any two symbols and the wild will pay 5 coins per a coin bet. Then it's the SOS symbols turn. A triple combination of the single SOS-s pays 10 coins per a coin bet. Three double SOS symbols deliver 20 coins for 1 bet coin. A combination of three triple SOS bars pays 50 coins for every coin you bet. The triple Bonfire symbol combination delivers 100 coins for a single bet coin. A rare occasion in slot games, the top prize wild here has two exclusive combinations of its own and both of them involve three of its matching symbols. In the less profitable combination, the three logo wild symbols can be scattered across the three reels and regardless of their position they will pay 200, 500 and 1000 coins for 1, 2 and 3 coin bets respectively. The best paid and jackpot-awarding combination is three wilds on the payline, which pays 1000 coins for a single coin bet, 2500 coins for a two-coin bet and 4000 coins for a three-coin bet, which is the game's best prize. You can transform that award into the stunning sum of 40, 000 dollars if you run with the biggest coin value of 10 dollars.

Eventually, Swept Away Slots isn't an absolute knockout as the title suggests but within its reel and payline limits, it is a game which provides the necessary thrills of winning in a big or satisfying way.